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Hello Everybody,


I am Sowmya the Founder and the Chief Editor at Content Whisk where I formulate the best content strategies while implementing them to blend with your business requirements perfectly to give your result-oriented content deliverables.


A little bit about myself ...


I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Applications and IT while having an extensive academic background in E-commerce and Business Studies. Having worked as a Software Developer and a Technical Writer for more than 10 years, I diversified my interests into Creative Content Development, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing Content Development, E-Commerce Content Creation, Blogging, Branding, and SEO Writing and I must say it has been fun and fruitful.


I thought Why not make my creativity serious business that can catalyze better business performance and galvanize potential customers to come knocking at your doorstep?.. thus Content Whisk was born, where I collaborate with content experts from all over the world to whisk up some great content for you, quickly and systematically based on your specifications and unique business style. 


I have had the privilege of working with some great clients and have learned about some useful and tactful aspects of content along the way.











Never underestimate the importance of content for your business because really... Content is King!



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